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Tuesday, 9 February

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Feb. 9th, 2010 | 11:11 pm
posted by: msqu in torchwood_three

Editor's Note: If your item was not linked, it's because the header lacked the information that we like to give our readers. Please at least give the title, rating, and pairing or characters, and please include the header in the storypost itself, not just in the linking post. Spoiler warnings are also greatly appreciated. If you were not linked, and would like to be, contact us with further information and your link below. Thank you!

Off-LJ links

Information about Tennant, Myles, and Davies being nominated for the 36th Broadcasting Press Guild Awards
Myles wins SFX Sci-Fi Best Actress 2010

Discussion & Miscellany

choccy_grl Inquiring about Ianto's blood group
elisi Posts a vid of Barrowman singing 'Copacabana'
snorkackcatcher Torchwood query
lefaym Questions about Jack's knowledge about the Doctor being a Time Lord


The Cricket and the Bird by solsticezero (Jack, Ianto | PG)
Pons Asinorum (Elefuga) by curriejean (Tosh, Ianto/Jack | PG13)
Composite by angstslashhope (Susie | R)
Returning by topgeargirl2 (Jack | G)
The Best Job in the World by alba17 (Owen/Gwen | NC17)
The Choice by cyberdigi (Jack/Ianto | PG13)
After a Fall by planejane (Jack, Ianto, Tosh | PG13)
My Life Would Suck Without You by asherly89 (Ianto/Owen | PG)
At the End of the Day by agent_girlsname (Jack/Ianto | R)
Int x1; Int y1; Int x2; Int y2; by cyus (Tosh | R)
Open Arms by oppungo1520 (Jack | G)

I Hope My Smile Can Distract You (3/?) by blipxinxtime (Jack/Ianto | PG13)
Lazarus (12/?) by ladyreapermc (Ianto, Jack, Gwen, Martha, Mickey | PG)
This Moment in Time (1/3) by missthingsplace (Jack/Ianto, Gwen/Rhys, Andy | NC17)
But Time Didn't Stop - Jack September 2, 2010 or February 27, 2017, Part Two by ericadawn16 (Jack/Ianto | PG13)
Human Nature (11/?) by missthingsplace (Jack/Ianto, Gwen/Rhys, Owen/Toshiko, John Hart, Mary, Lisa  | NC17
Turning Point (16/64) by etmuse (Jack/Ianto | PG13)
Torchwood et la Bete (16/28) by wynkat1313 (Team, Jack/Ianto | PG13)
Watching Owen (2/5) by jooles32 (Owen/Ianto | Adult)
Daddy Issues (1/?) by my_little_death (Jack/Ianto | PG13)

Children of Gallifrey (9/30) by cazmalfoy (TW/DW | Jack/Ianto | FRAO)
A Kind of Magic (20/?) by beth_mccombs (TW/HP | Jack/Ianto | PG)
Ghost Story (13/18) by 10leaguesbeyond (TW/DW | Jack/Ianto, Doctor | PG13)
Three Immortals Walk Into a Pub (2/2) by gogo_didi (TW/Merlin/Misfits | Jack, Merlin, Nathan Young | R)

Icons and Graphics

discozombee 6 TW icons in a multi-fandom post


laurab1 My Name Would then be Handsome Jack' DW/TW fic and art


maledrzewo Jack/Ianto Songvid

You can reach us in the comments or at torchwood.three@gmail.com

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