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Sunday, September 1st, 2019

Editor's Note: If your item was not linked, it's because the header lacked the information that we like to give our readers. Please at least give the title, rating, and pairing or characters, and please include the header in the storypost itself, not just in the linking post. Spoiler warnings are also greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Off-LJ News:
Basic Stuff Magazine: Fandom Spotlight: Ianto's Shrine
Doctor Who Watch: Torchwood review: The Hope is a dark and challenging horror
Nerdvana media: Dame Siân Phillips comes to Doctor Who audio spinoff Torchwood
The Digital Fix: Big Finish Review: Torchwood - The Hope
Gloucestershirelive: Torchwood and Doctor Who star to appear at Geekmania Gloucester 2019
Screenrant: 10 Forgotten TV Spinoffs That Were Actually Good - #8: Torchwood

Rotten Job by badly_knitted [Ianto, Jack, Coat | G]
Delivery by badly_knitted [Ianto, Nosy, Jack, Meriel | G]
Language Lessons by badly_knitted [Nosy, Ianto | PG]
Band Of Gold by badly_knitted [Ianto | G]
Rotten timing by m_findlow [Jack, mentions Gwen & John Hart | PG]
Resting in peace by m_findlow [Jack, Ianto | PG]
Biding time by m_findlow [Ianto, Mandy the barmaid | M]
New in town by m_findlow [Andy, Gwen, DI Cutler | PG]
More than he can stomach by m_findlow [Owen, Ianto, Jack | PG]
A little help by m_findlow [Owen, Ianto | PG]
Going round in circles by m_findlow [Ianto | PG]

If you were not linked, and would like to be, contact us in the comments with further information and your link.
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