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Sunday, October 6th, 2019

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Oct. 6th, 2019 | 11:12 am
posted by: beathen in torchwood_three

Editor's Note: If your item was not linked, it's because the header lacked the information that we like to give our readers. Please at least give the title, rating, and pairing or characters, and please include the header in the storypost itself, not just in the linking post. Spoiler warnings are also greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Off-LJ News:
Radio Times: Torchwood start suggests "a new generation" of characters should bring the series back to TV

Communities & Challenges:
public_call - The secret santa fic exchange is now open for sign-up

Rainy Day by badly_knitted [Ianto, Jack | G]
Relieving Tension by badly_knitted [Tosh, Ianto, Nosy, Team, OCs | G]
A Little Light Music by badly_knitted [Ianto, Jack | PG]
Seeing is believing by m_findlow [Jack | PG]
Too many tears by m_findlow [Jack, Gwen, Ianto | PG]
One chance by m_findlow [Jack | PG]
Cross border headaches by m_findlow [Rex Matheson, Esther Drummond | PG]
Mr Invisible by m_findlow [Ianto, Jack | PG]
All in the past by m_findlow [Gwen, Ianto | PG]
Don't stand so close to me by m_findlow [Jack, Rex | PG]
Foreplay by m_findlow [Team | PG]
Personal space needed by m_findlow [Jack, Ianto | PG]

Works in Progress:
The Hunters and the Prey (70/?) by milady_dragon [Jack/Ianto, Phil Coulson/Clint Barton, Tony Stark/Pepper Potts, Daisy Johnson/Lincoln Campbell, Nick Fury/Maria Hill | PG-13 | MCU x-over]

If you were not linked, and would like to be, contact us in the comments with further information and your link.

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