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Torchwood Three

Torchwood Daily Fandom Newsletter

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Torchwood Newsletter
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Torchwood daily fandom newsletter
who_daily is our sister daily newsletter for all things Doctor Who
soniclipstick is our sister daily newsletter for the Sarah Jane Adventures
[on hiatus]

Torchwood Three is a daily fandom newsletter focusing on Torchwood-related topics and discussions appearing on Live Journal.

If you would prefer that we didn't link to your lj, or to a particular discussion or item at your lj, please let us know.

Things we will link to:

• News and Reviews (media mentions, articles, interviews, etc)
• Episode Discussion
• Meta Discussion
• Fan Creations -- fic, vids, artwork
• Events

torchwood_three will not link to locked posts or posts containing file sharing links. We will also not link to RPF/RPS (Real Person Fiction or Real Person Slash) in which the real person is currently living. So we will link to fic in which the real person is either a) dead, or b) an historical character on a TV show (an example of this would be the character of Nikola Tesla on the TV show Sanctuary).

We will make every effort to mark spoilers.

We will no longer link to fics that are missing headers. Fic headers should be clearly marked with characters, some form of rating, and, as applicable, pairings and spoilers. A header containing the information needed to help us create a link might, ideally, look something like this:


The fic itself must contain the header in order to be linked.

If we missed a discussion or news you would have liked to see on here, let us know in the comments -- it's most likely we just missed it. If you have other questions or problems you can PM one of our maintainers: Beathen, or Beck_Liz.

*posting membership is limited to moderators and maintainers*

tw_watch is our editor watch lj.

If you are interested in volunteering to become an editor of who_daily, torchwood_three, and soniclipstick, please visit this post for more details.

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